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Ever since I was a young boy, I could remember fantasizing about the unique cars of the world. Attending car shows I would look at each car in great detail assessing the quality of their finishes.


I’d cringe at what most would call good quality.  I could see the imperfections that most overlooked. Observing the swirl and buffer marks, the hazing, and leftover wax residue drove me to want to hone my own skills and create a new level of high-quality detailing.


I was 14 when I detailed my first car, my neighbors Mercedes. From that point on I knew I could become one of the best. I truly loved detailing and seeing the result of my work.  What was even more rewarding was that my neighbor was ecstatic about how good his Mercedes looked. My attention to perfection was developed over many years of experience as I detailed cars all through my high school and college years. After college I knew that I wanted to start my own business, thus, Detailed Xpress was born. 

Now in my second decade of business, Detailed Xpress is regarded as a premier detailing company. I continually strive to improve my skills through training and education and regularly attend nationwide detailing events. I travel the country for clients that trust my skills on their entire priceless collections and am very proud of the number of Concourse show entries and winners I have been involved with.

The demand for my specialized service has led to a separation within my business. Detailed Xpress, which is my mobile entity, continues to grow and our customers will be serviced by my trained employees under my guidence. Details by Nicko, which has been formed to service all specialized work that requires the highest degree of service and perfection will only be performed and completed by me.

I am thankful for the trust you, our customers, have put in me and my company. I truly appreciate your business. As we continue to grow, be assured that Detailed Xpress and Details by Nicko will strive to meet all of your daily and specialized needs.

Podcasting gives me an opportunity to communicate to everyone in a different way. Not only to my clients but to the detailing community and industry.

My Approach
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